• Ronald Ag

Creating a rigid base for patios is very important!

It is essential to construct a base system which is solid under your new paving or driveway. A lot of patios, block pavers look great when it`s freshly laid, however, what is underneath is equally as important as what it looks like at the end. The landscape professional have to have the ability to examine the ground by excavating. For pedestrian areas, we use 130mm of Mot Type 1 aggregate compacted in layers and addition to that we also install a `Lean Mix` which is a dry concrete mix at 50mm depth and on top of that either your sharp sand screed for clay pavers, block pavers etc or 50-70mm full mortar bed to lay paving such as Porcelain Tiles, Natural Sandstone, Limestone, Slate etc. This will ensure that your hard standing surface will last ( avoiding sinking, movement etc.) For driveways we double the quantities.

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